Eat This To Detox Pesticides From Your Body!

Fermented foods like our favourite LCHF TODAY Kimchi not only taste great but can help your body break down pesticides! It's easy to see why Asian cultures love to eat it as an accompaniment to most of their meals.

The extremely beneficial lactic acid bacteria formed during the fermentation of Kimchi can help break down these nasty pervasive pollutants. Besides we think it adds that kick that you need to bring your meal alive!

Find out WHY it's so important to eat fermented foods to feel good, and why you need to take care of all the good organisms in your gut (intestinal flora) below...


>LCHF TODAY KIMCHI = Chinese Cabbage, Carrots, Spring Onions, Daikon Radishes, Fresh Ginger, Red Onion, Garlic, Pink Salt, Coarse Korean Red Pepper Powder, Fish Sauce, Sesame Seeds, Apples<

KIMCHI - with our CYMA Rice (cauliflower rice), Grilled Grass Fed Bacon Rashers, Free Range Duck Egg

>KIMCHI - with our CYMA Rice (cauliflower rice), Grilled Grass Fed Bacon Rashers, Free Range Duck Egg<


KIMCHI - Natural methods that may assist your body in their detoxification like eating fermented foods such as Kimchi are important. Pesticides are man-made neurotoxic chemicals that bioaccumulate in your body, as they resist breaking down in water and also accumulate and store in body fat, where they can remain for long periods of time. If you can't always eat Organic / Naturally grown and have been exposed like a lot of us, your body is going through the really hard time of getting rid of them! Once enough of these toxic chemicals get into a cell, they disrupt its function. However including the super powers of fermented foods like Kimchi into your diet gives you the fighting power to help detox the pesticides that enter your body. Kimchi is rich in vitamins A and C, and due to its fermentation process is also rich in beneficial gut-boosting lactobacilli bacteria. Kimchi has potent antioxidative and immune-stimulating activities along with anti-obesity effects and more.

Read more by Dr Mercola here

LCHF TODAY Kimchi in a salad wrap

>The perfect partner to give all your meals superpower, try Kimchi in a salad wrap!<



check our blog article on 'How To Make The BEST Kimchi!' for our LCHF TODAY ingredients and our easy preparation steps.

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