Replace Supplements, with this simple Ancient Art of Fermenting

This is what your grandmother used to do! She didn't grab the closest supplement to clean her gut, but made her own Fermented foods which contain much higher levels of beneficial bacteria and yeast than probiotic supplements, making them supreme for purifying your gut flora. Did you know it's thought to have originated 1000's of years ago in Ancient China! When you see how easy and inexpensive it is you'll be going back to the good old days and fermenting in no time! We'll get you started with our simple steps for making sauerkraut below...

Simple fermenting sauerkraut in jars

>Simple small batch fermenting in glass jars<

Fermenting Sauerkraut in glass jars with cloth to cover

>Sauerkraut Fermenting in jar covered with cloth for breathing<


FERMENTED FOODS - They are the best detoxifiers! Giving you the healthy gut bacteria which you need to eliminate toxins and heavy metals in your body. They'll make you feel good and get your skin glowing. Eating fermented foods not only provides a rich source of bacteria and yeast to help promote good gut bacteria but it's also one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve it. Read More by Dr Mercola here

Cabbage Leaves

>Beautiful Fresh Organic Cabbage Leaves<

>Fermenting Sauerkraut steps<




Fresh Organic Cabbage


Pink Himalayan Rock Salt (OR good quality salt of your choice)



1. Cut the cabbage in the shape of your choice, You can Grate, Slice, quarter or even leave them whole. Be sure to be consistent for each batch, as the size and shape will impact the speed of fermentation

2. Crunch the cabbage with your hands or use a meat tenderizer to pound until the point of releasing it's juices.

3. Add 1 tablespoon salt to each 1/4 cabbage. Mix in the salt or place between and into the crevices of the cabbage leaves with your hands. Be careful not to add too much salt as it can inhibit or prevent fermentation. Remember too much will stop fermentation – but too little will not. Salt helps pull the liquid from the cabbage.

4. Place into mason jars or a Stone Crock pot. Keep some outer cabbage leaves as a cover, press down and cover with water around 3-6cm above cabbage, this enables the water to allow fermentation gasses to accumulate.

4. Add a weight ( a bottle of water, or food grade stone) to keep the cabbage down at all times.

5. Cover with cloth or wooden lid to prevent dust entering and to allow to breath and ferment. Leave out away from sunlight for 3 days / 3 months or more!

NOTE* For maximum probiotics in your sauerkraut, let your ferment go through all three stages of fermentation. If you are trying to heal your gut this is extremely important. In a temperature of 18 – 22 degrees the first stage bacteria, Leuconostoc mesenteroides, are thriving. This is the average temperature in your home. Around day 3, the first stage bacteria kicks in and lasts until day 7. Refrigeration slows down food deterioration. However, in the case of fermenting, you are also slowing down the bacterial action. Leave your sauerkraut out for at least four weeks to give it time to go through all three bacteria stages.


* Some ancient Chinese traditions use the juice as a hair conditioner! It's great for your scalp.

Close up of Cabbage with Pink Salt

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