LCHF Dumplings? The secret behind the Golden Skin!

That's right its GOLD...! One of your favourite naughty foods can be healthy! Our Super Special LCHF Today Golden Dumpling is the lowest carb Dumpling you will ever eat! The skin is made from our very own High Protein Low Carb Flour Mix. It is an excellent substitute for all your favorite Traditional Dumplings. You've just got to sign up to our LCHF TODAY LIFESTYLE REVOLUTION and try these glorious guilt free recipes! It's entirely FREE and you will learn the secrets to what this lifestyle can do for your body and experience it for yourself! Read on...and be sure to sign up below! We're excited to share so many surprising recipes with you for better health.

LCHF TODAY Golden Dumpling on Chopsticks

>Pan Seared Golden Dumpling with Special Dipping Sauce<

Close up of Dumpling ingredients inside skin

>Golden Dumpling Filling<


LCHF TODAY GOLDEN DUMPLING MIX - We all know that white flour is just not healthy! But it tastes so good - we hear you say! But what if we told you there is a High Protein, low carb alternative! Our Special Golden Dumpling Mix provides a healthy guilt free alternative. Did you know that the refining process of bleaching White flour is actually really bad for you as it destroys all the nutrients and the process of stripping the most nutritious part of the grain to make it white actually turns it into a form of sugar! Give me a Golden Dumpling pronto we hear you say!!! Read More by Dr Mercola here

Dumplings ready to be pan seared

>LCHF Today Golden Dumplings ready to be Pan Seared<

Ingredients for sauce

>LCHF TODAY Special Golden Dumpling Sauce<



If you want to know HOW to create this extraordinary Golden Dumpling please join us! This recipe will be included in our exclusive LCHF TODAY LIFESTYLE REVOLUTION. But for now we've got to keep it a secret!

If you need more convincing read More on How Processed Grains Can Deteriorate Your Health by Dr Joseph Mercola

We would love to share with you why we're so excited about a LCHF healthier Lifestyle! TRY our exclusive LCHF Today High Protein low carb flour mix Recipes and receive 2 weeks worth of FREE exciting LCHF recipes to kickstart your feel good lifestyle. To get a taste all you need to do is register your email address for the LCHF lifestyle REVOLUTION please sign up and join us, and spread the word of course! Get your family and friends to join with you, and SHARE your Feel Good results. Find out WHY it is the Eat, Feel Good Food, Lifestyle and experience the life changing benefits for yourself.

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