STOP counting calories START counting sugar!

STOP counting calories START counting sugar

THAT'S RIGHT you heard it again! You won't find any tedious calorie counting in the LCHF Lifestyle. It's not about that at all. The research is there to back it up. STOP counting calories and START counting sugar. So relax! Even if you eat calorie-controlled portions, eating fructose leads to more fat in your liver and around your vital organs. Cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and respiratory disease kill 35 million per year globally. The evidence for regulating sugar is now overwhelming. At a basic level, it offers no nutritional value. Contrary to what the food industry wants us to believe, we do not need carbohydrates from added sugar for energy!


Sugar is now added to over 80 per cent of junk and processed foods. Much is hidden, making it almost impossible for individuals to exercise choice. Look out for our LOGO appearing on products that are according to LCHF lifestyle to help you shop for foods without sugar easily and with peace of mind. This Logo below symbolizes NO SUGAR content. So watch out, coming to a shop near you soon! You can request producers to apply for our logo and display it on products without sugar that you LOVE.


Sugar is not a nutrient! - This is not an April fools Joke!

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